Doors & Panels

Doors and Panels

Liberty Carvings offers a line of solid wood doors with raised and carved panels. Our doors are fabricated with full tenons on all members, of mahogany or cedar.

Our doors are normal exterior or interior sizes (or custom sizes per your request) and are furnished without mortises for hinges or cutouts for latches. They can be supplied unfinished or stained and varnished.

We will be happy to provide all the interior and exterior doors of a home or office suite, all carved with the same motif in different sizes. The customer can select the design that they prefer, be it a horse, floral, mountain, geometric, or other design. The panels may be carved with symmetric or representational designs, per your request. We can work from detailed photographs or from line drawings.

We also provide the service of carving on your door, cabinet, or wainscot panels. If you are having custom doors made at a woodworking mill, give us the panels after they are milled but before the doors are assembled. We will airfreight them to Nicaragua, carve them, and airfreight them back.

These photos show a solid cedar door, exterior size, with 5 carved panels. We call this pattern Volute & Morning Glory. The doors can be provided unfinished, primed, or finished.