Statement on Sustainability

An increasingly valid criticism of the dominant worldwide industrial culture is that corporate capitalism is based on unsustainable growth in the use of natural resources; immoral destruction of the world’s forests and soils; pollution of air and oceans; and results in a consumer mentality based on ever increasing acquisition of possessions.

At Liberty Carvings our vision is somewhat different.  The furniture we make is based on traditional designs, many of which have already lasted 150 or 200 years and continue to provide strong, handsome service to the families of their original owners. Our beds, tables, chests, frames, and ornamental pieces are constructed in such a way that  they will last the length of time it takes for a cedar or mahogany tree to grow to its mature, sustainably harvestable size of a meter or more in diameter.

We believe that this level of quality in our furniture is a true measure of sustainability. We would like every family to have one or two of our beds, which will be passed down to future generations, so there is not any need for the repeated purchase and huge accumulation of disposable belongings.

Liberty Carvings is a small business with only one worker in the USA, and several dozen workers in third-world Nicaragua who are not treated as cogs in a production apparatus to be hired and fired arbitrarily, but rather as individuals with long-term artistic skills whose character and input is valued.

We are proud of our workforce and our products which we believe can help point the way toward a truly sustainable model for the currently insupportable worldwide capitalist/corporate/financial system.