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Prices are FOB Jamestown, RI and are quoted in US dollars. We ship most items via FedEx Ground service. If you give us your town and zipcode, we can get you a shipping quote. International shipments can be quoted with UPS-SCS or an airfreighter of your choice.

Prices shown are our ‘website’ prices which are considered below retail. If you are interested in purchasing any of our products on a wholesale basis, please constact us and we will negotiate even lower pricing based on your volume and other variables. .

Full payment is required before any product will be shipped. For custom orders or larger products which are not in stock, we normally request a 50% deposit before fabricating the item.

Small and/or urgent orders which are not in stock can be air-freighted with typical production times of 4 – 6 weeks. Larger items or those not in stock will require longer delivery times. Contact us for specifics.

Return Policy: Liberty Carvings will accept return of any product if you are not satisfied – for any reason. We will replace the product or give you a full refund less shipping cost. If you wish to return a product, please inform us within thirty days of receipt. Return shipping must be paid by customer.

Please contact us with your needs and questions at:
Liberty Carvings Inc. | PO Box 281 | Jamestown, RI 02835-0281 USA | phone/fax: 401.423.0433 | email: william3@finewoodcarving.com

Notes about our wood: Prices noted below are for products made in longleaf cedar (Spanish cedar, Cedrela odorata)) which is a look-alike species for mahogany. True Honduran mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) is a premium wood which is becoming increasingly hard to find. We do have some mahogany. For products in mahogany, add 25% to the frame prices below; or 50% to the furniture prices. The wood in all of our products is kiln-dried to make it compatible with modern heated and air-conditioned homes. Our wood (both cedar and mahogany) is harvested legally in Nicaragua under Nicaraguan environmental laws.

Notes about Frames : We keep only a few frames in stock. Most the frames we make are in custom sizes. We have made frames over 8 ft. tall and for large jobs such as this we will provide a scale drawing for approval before starting the job. We can make frames from your photographs or drawings. Most of our smaller frames can be supplied with a solid wood back if desired, at no additional cost. The sizes listed are the rabbet sizes, ie, the size of the grooves on the back of the frame which accept the glass and/or artwork. Our standard finish is hand-rubbed shellac which shows the wood color and grain. We can also finish with a ‘gold metal leaf’ which is a distressed faux gold leaf finish. If you wish to have your frame gilded with true gold leaf by your gilding shop, let us know and we can supply the frame unfinished or sealed with unsanded shellac per your gilder’s preference.

Our website pricing:

Hand Carved Frames for mirrors or artwork Rabbet Size Price
Rococco frame w/ 4″ wide moldings 8 x 10″ $198
  11 x 14″ $230
  12 x 16″ $247
  16 x 20″ $296
  16 x 20″ Oval $296
  20 x 24 $329
  20 x 24 oval $329
Simple Rococco Frame w/ 3″ wide moldings 12 x 16 $189
  20 x 24 $270
Oak & Cherry Oval Filigree  Frame 6″ x 8″ oval $185
Oakleaf & Acorn Frame w/ 3″ wide moldings 8 x 10″ $125
  11 x 14″ $163
  12 x 16″ $175
  16 x 20″ $200
with 4″wide molding 24 x 30″ $300
Art Deco with Leaves Frame w/ 3″ wide moldings 16 x 20″ $168
Art Deco Convex Frame w/ 3″ wide moldings 8 x 10″ $75
  10 x 12″ $90
  11 x 14″ $98
  12 x 16″ $105
  16 x 20″ $120
Art Deco D frame 16 x 20 $160
Art Deco F frame 16 x 20 $112
Art Deco G frame 16 x 20 $144
Art Deco J frame 16 x 20 $128
Art Deco K frame 16 x 20 $112
Art Deco R frame 16 x 20 $144
Arte Nouveau frame 16 x 20 $144
Bevelled Glass Mirrors 16 x 20″ Rectangular $38
     ”           ”          “ 16 x 20″ Oval $68
Gold Metal Leafing — see sample photos ask for quote  
Half Hull Models Size Price
Yacht America half-model 30″ model length, 42″ overall $345
Fishing Schooner half-model 36″ model length, 48″ overall $480
Sovereign of the Seas half-model 48″ model length, 60″ overall $545
Sea Chests Size Price
Sea chest, full size, finished, in Spanish cedar (includes clipper ship carving & personalized banner) 41L x 19H x 20W $550
Note: We offer our full-zise seachest in true Honduran mahogany for a discounted price of $725.    
Mini Sea chest,  finished, in Spanish cedar (with ship carving & name on banner) 21″ x 14″ x 11 ½” High $340
Rocking Chairs Size Price
Rocker, Adult, Acanthus  18″ between armrests $420
Rocker, Adult, Daisy  (see other dimensions on rocker page) $420
Rocker, Adult, Shell   $420
Rocker, Medium, Acanthus  15″ between armrests $340
Rocker, Medium, Daisy  (see other dimensions on rocker page) $340
Rocker, Medium, Shell   $340
Rocker, Child, Acanthus  12″ between armrests $180
Rocker, Child, Daisy (see other dimensions on rocker page) $180
Rocker, Child, Shell   $180
Rocker, Doll, Acanthus 9″ between armrests $125
Rocker, Doll, Daisy (see other dimensions on rocker page) $125
Rocker, Doll, Shell   $125
NOTE: Our adult size rocking chairs are supplied semi- disassembled to lower shipping costs. Assembly instructions included. Assembly takes about an hour with woodglue and simle tools.    
Bowls in Guanacaste wood (Enterolobium Cyclocarpum) Size Price
14″ Vine pattern bowl with carving on outside 14-16″ diam x 6-7″ high  $200
14″  bowls with vine carving on a wide lip 14″ x 3 to 3 1/2″ high $150
 Oval bowls with gouged surface 13.5 x 22″ $185
22″ round bowl, smooth or gouged surface 22″ diam x 8″ H $200
‘Javelina’ bowls with piglet head and tail 10x 15″opening, 12 x 22″ overall $325
Serving platter with vine-carved lip 22″ diameter $160
Furniture in longleaf cedar, finished in hand-rubbed shellac Size Price
Queen Anne drop leaf table, 28 ½” H x 30″ x 36″, oval top $520
Queen Anne dropleaf table 29″ H x 32 x 54, oval top $580
Note: We will make a dropleaf table to your specifications, oval or rectangular, with plain tapered legs, Queen Anne legs, or ball-and-claw legs per your specifications. Inquire for drawing and pricing.    
32″ Tilt-top Piecrust Table with ball-and-claw feet 30″ high $610
16″ Piecrust Candlestand with ball-and-claw feet 30″ high $396
Hexagonal Coffeetable base. (for a 40″ diameter wooden top add $160) 32″diameter, 16″ high $480
Art Deco Dragonfly table w/ 5 dragonfly legs 30″ diameter x 23″ H $680
Art Deco Dragonfly end table 15″ wide x 30″ long x 23″ H $545
Lazy Susan Table 48″ diameter x 30″ H $750
Shell-carved Corner Cupboard with glass doors.  82 1/2″ tall, fits into 30 1/2″ corner $4200
Shell-carved Corner Cupboard with open top.  82 1/2″ tall, fits into 28 1/2″ corner $3800
Chippendale Oval dining table with gadrooning 90″ x 60″ x 30″ high $2800
Solid Cedar Doors (panels carved per your motif) Exterior size (36 x 80 x 1 3/4″) $1000
Note: We have made a wide variety of nightstands, side tables, coffee tables, sideboards, and large dining tables. Contact us for a drawing and quote.    
Antique Reproduction Beds in cedar, finished, with hardware Size Price
#020 Cherub Bed King
#058 Welsh Barleytwist bed King
#0730 New York Federal bed King
#1283 Cape Cod Field bed King
#2813 Caribbean bed King
#3246 Tuliptop bed King
#3738 George II bed King
#8651 Melon bed King
#8893 Thistle bed with footboard & blanketroll King
$9611 Sheaf of Wheat bed King
#9626 Jamaican Plantation bed King
#T534 Orleans Faux Bamboo bed King
Philadelphia Federal bed King
Acanthus III bed King
Canopy, Semicircular or OG (7 piece, hinged)   $340
Canopy, Straight (7 piece)   $262
Canopy, straight (4 piece)   $210