Antique Reproduction Beds

‘We have been an exclusive bed-maker to a major antique reproduction company for over twenty years, who have sold our beds nationwide and internationally. We have made beds in over a hundred patterns for them. Recently this company has given us permission to offer some of these beds on our own website.

‘We are therefore pleased to offer these antique reproduction heirloom quality beds. A few patterns are shown but many more are available. These beds are made in solid wood, with posts in 4×4,” 5×5,” and even a 6×6″ size. They are constructed in the old style, with 8 bolts at the corners so that the bed can be completely disassembled for transport or storage. They are finished with hand-rubbed shellac over stain in a variety of colors. The customer may choose their preferred headboard style and sleeping height depending on the thickness of their bedding.

The beds are offered in the standard US sizes (King, CA King, Queen, Double, Twin) and in the European sizes per request. They can be made to accept box springs with mattresses, or as platform beds with a flat base for the mattress. We can also make headends (ie, headboard with two posts) to fit a customer’s bed-frame.

A few of our bed and bedpost styles are offered below. Most beds can be fitted with a blanket-rail at the foot if desired (carved to match the pattern on the posts). King and Queen bed pricing appears on our Ordering page but call for a specific quote on the other sizes, headboard styles, post patterns, and other options.

#T534 Orleans Faux Bamboo Bed

Available in Twin, Double, Queen, or King, as a complete bed to fit your bedding or as a headend to bolt to your steel bed-frame. This bed features intricate ‘faux bamboo’ moldings on headboard, footboard, and side-rails. The turnings are meant to represent bamboo, and Asian motif. Note the very fine turnings on the top of the bedposts.


#6615 Pineapple & Ring beds 

Pineapples have long been symbols of welcome and hospitality. Our #6615 bed has simple but striking pineapple carvings on the four post tops. We make this bed in all the standard sizes and with a variety of headboard and foot-post styles.

#6615 Pineapple & Ring bed in Queen size with 3 footpost options and two headboard options. Rail height and sleep height per your preference. click to enlarge

#6615 Pineapple & Ring bed in Queen size with 3 footpost options and two headboard options. Rail height and sleep height per your preference. click to enlarge

#6615 Pinteapple & Ring post tops

#6615 Pinteapple & Ring post tops

#9665 Ball & Feather Bed

This bed is a traditional early American ‘cannonball’ bed. Note the fine turning (all done by hand) and the highly-detailed feather carving on the posts.  Shown in our Traditional Mahogany finish. Headboard, footposts, and sleeping height are available in various options.


9665 Qeen with Two Headboard Styles - Click To Enlarge

9665 Queen with Two Headboard Styles – Click To Enlarge

post #9665 detail

#9665 Balltop & Feather post. Turned and carved by hand.

#8693 Pineapple & Crown Queen bed

#8693 Pineapple & Crown Queen bed


#8693 Pineapple & Crown posts showing detailed hand carving

#020 Cherub Bed

This bed has an elaborately carved headboard with two cherubs and garlands of flowers. It can be made in either Queen or King size. Check out Jennifer Aniston handcuffed to this bed in the 2010 film The Bounty Hunter!

#058 Welsh Barley-twist Bed

This bed features tapered double rope-twist posts and a striking multi-panel headboard. We suggest fitting a 4-piece straight canopy to give the bed a more enclosed feeling.

#0730 NY Federal Bed

This is a very tall bed in 5×5″ post stock. The posts posts are 95″ tall but we can shorten them to fit in a bedroom with lower ceilings. The bedposts feature a long reeded section, intricate carving in the mid-section, and matching reed carving at the foot. The panelled headboard has a carved rolltop ending in rosettes.

#1283 Cape Cod Field Bed

This is a copy of an early Massachusetts bed with turned posts (no carving). The term ‘field bed’ implies posts about 60″ tall, making the bed easy to disassemble and transport. The raised ‘OG’ canopy gives headroom to this bed with medium height posts.

#2813 Caribbean Bed

This massive bed with 6×6″ solid posts and elaborate carving is a copy of an 18th century colonial bed. The headboard carving is based on a palm tree motif.

#3246 Tulip Top Bed

This turned bed (no carving) has delicate tulip-shaped figures on the post tops, and a footboard and blanket-roll at the foot. This photo is of the antique bed – our reproduction makes several changes to lower the sleeping height and refine the headboard figure.

#3738 George II Bed

This is a copy of an 18th century English bed. The posts feature elaborate leaf carving with a long delicate 5-sided reed and a heavy square foot. The tall curved headboard gives substance to the otherwise slender appearance of the bed.

#8651 Melon Bed

LC865MelonChipbed LC8651Melon-Chippost OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADetail of chip carving on #8651 Melon bedLC8651Melon-Chip-HB


This a field height bed with a sassy melon reeded figure on the posts, and cute mini melon-carved finials. For an intimate enclosed feeling, order with our Semicircular canopy (shown) or our OG canopy (see photo of the Cape Cod Field bed). (Draperies not included).

#8893 Thistle Bed

This lowpost bed can be made in Twin, Double, Queen, King, or European sizes. The post tops are turned to represent a thistle flower. The bed normally comes with a footboard and blanket – rail. Two headboard styles are shown.

#9611 Sheaf-of-Wheat Bed

This lowpost bed has finely-turned oval post tops and a classic wheat harvest carving. It can be made in any of the standard sizes.

#9626 Jamaican Plantation Bed

This massive bed with 6×6″ posts has elaborate carving on the four posts and the headboard. The foot rail is rope-carved and the removable bedbolt covers are carved with a ‘bumblebee’ pattern.

Philadelphia Federal Bed

This is a classic Federal period design, with a broken arch headboard. The tall posts have a reeded section above a leaf carving and a tassel and drapery motif. We’re not sure why this bed is named ‘Pliladelphia.” Perhaps George Washington or Thomas Jefferson once slept in a bed like this in a mansion overlooking the Delaware river?

Acanthus III Bed

This beautifully-carved bed has a slender acanthus-leaf figure on the post, as well as carving on the octagonal block and the feet. We provide close-up photos so that you can see the quality of our wood-carvers’ work. Available in Queen, King, or European sizes. Add a straight or curved canopy to get an enclosed feel.


#0089 Ball & Tassel Lowpost bed

This is another early American ‘balltop’ or ‘cannonball’ style, with delicate carving on the posts. We have many options for the headboard, post heights, etc.

#0089 in Double size with rollback headboard and two footpost options. click to enlarge

#0089 in Double size with rollback headboard and two footpost options. click to enlarge

#0089 post top detail

#0089 post top detail